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Wallpaper install problems!

Julie Pacini
2 months ago

Hi! I am having such a hard time with my walls in my dining room. They are old plaster walls. I had put up wallpaper 3 years ago and the wallpaper actually pulled so hard from the seams that it ripped open and brought a bunch of layers of old paint with it to expose old lead / oil paint. (I had not primed the walls beforehand) I have removed all the wallpaper from 3 years ago, patched the walls. I primed them x 3 with a wallpaper primer and I have made my way 1/4 around the room with the new paper so far. I am noticing if I do not wipe the residual glue off the primed walls in between sessions of wallpapering then it actually crackles the wallpaper primer right off my wall! I am terrified that means the seams of the walls I have already done will open back up again! I am also already noticing some slippage / separation at the seams once the wallpaper has totally dried to the wall. Do you have any advice for me? I am pulling my hair out! I have already started this project again! Thanks so much !!!

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