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Rebuilding bathroom destroyed by flood water

2 months ago

Hi, Looking for input and ideas on rebuilding basement bathroom that was flooded by water in the basement a few weeks ago :-(

I'm working with a restoration company but am hoping to do a few things in a new, smarter way when it is rebuilt. Three pictures below to help show the challenges:

#1: The original layout had a vanity that spanned the width of the bathroom, and drywall covered the lower wall. The sink was on the left half, and the right half was over the water main for the house. The right vanity door couldn't open completely because the toilet was installed right in front of the vanity door, This made it very difficult to access the main.

==>How do I avoid this issue in the future?

I was thinking of installing a vanity no more than 1/2 the width of the bathroom, but need an idea how to cover the main so it's easier to access. Any ideas?

#2: Pic is of outside of right wall where the vanity was connected, and toiled installed. The drywall portion of that wall was removed during remediation.

==> Has anyone heard of panels you can install on basement walls that can be more easily removed, and are made of a different material not easy to damage by flood water? I was thinking of installing those on the bottom portion of the basement walls to lessen impact of wayward water in the future. Ideas?

#3: Pic of shower and doorway of the bathroom. Hoping to swap in a new shower stall that is more open, and not as claustrophobic as the current one.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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