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Probably sterile grapefruit - will fertile trovita grafts flower & frt

2 months ago

Hello, I received what I believe is a sterile hybrid grapefruit tree from a friend, it was too thorny for them to keep with kids in the house, she got it from a lady whose son started it from a store grapefruit seed when he was a kid. I believe that explains why it has never flowered or fruited yet, a seed from a store grapefruit probably an infertile f1 hybrid? I grafted some fertile trovita orange onto it from a tree that fruits well. It's only been a year since then, haven't seen flower yet but maybe this summer. But I am wondering if the rootstock being this most likely permanently infertile grapefruit, if the hormones etc might never be proper to trigger a bloom in the grafts, or would the grafts operate based on their own design regardless of the rootstock as long as they're receiving nutrition and a place to live on the sterile tree? If fertile grafts can bloom and fruit on a sterile hybrid tree I'll put some more on, which was the plan. But if the rootstock being sterile is going to inhibit blossom and fruit of the grafts, is there some kind of hormone or chemistry I could treat it with to trick it to trigger the grafts to bloom & fruit? Please CC your responses to in case I don't see them here, thanks very much

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