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I need to get rid of these red walls!

last year

I have had red walls for to king and am finally ready to get rid of them. I started painting all the trim white but am struggling to decide on a wall color. I have a small 2 story home and the first floor is pretty open. From this room I can see most of the kitchen and our tv room. The red room has been
cozy but dark and beautiful at the holidays but the rest of the time it’s become depressing especially during COVID. I have two dark red Motion Craft recliners that are so comfortable and in great shape and I plan to keep them. I also have a small sofa that I would like to get reupholstered but unsure on color. Right now I have gray carpet in the room but eventually will be replacing it with wood flooring but that won’t be until next year. The adjourning areas are an off white paint with some gray green undertones and my decor is gray charcoal and green. Any suggestions on a wall color that will work with the chairs and my somewhat open floor plan , suggestion for sofa color or advice on changing the color of the chairs if that is possible. The photo shows the current status of the room.

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