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Newport Brass Warranty is not being honored.

2 months ago

We purchased our kitchen and bathroom fixtures from Newport Brass. The salesperson strongly suggested to us to select PVD finish. While it is more expensive, there is a lifetime warranty on the finishes since our residence is near the beach.

We followed the care instruction provided. The finish has worn out thus we reached out to Newport Brass customer service. At first, they said that ours were not PVD finish. Luckily, we retained records of our salesperson's recommendation and that he had ordered the PVD finish for us. Once we provided the proof that we had ordered PVD finish, they said that the only reason for the issue is that we did not follow their care instruction.

There are different level of finish worn out on our Newport Brass fixtures. Some with very little worn out and some with medium level of wear out and some more severe. The low to medium level of wear out are in the master bath with the most usage. The severe ones are in our guest bath which was not used very frequently. None of the fixtures we bought from Kohler exhibits any issue.

We don't recommend using Newport Brass products due to the poor customer service and for not honoring their warranty.