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Chronic leak under kitchen cabinets-faulty sink install?

Jill Simpson
2 months ago

We’ve had leaks under our sink for years.Various plumbers have came out and determined it was due to caulk failing.Recent plumber re-caulked and wondered if undercount sink was installed incorrectly.We have a double bowl (Artisian brand)undermount.
Despite him re-caulking still have leaks but it’s intermittent.
I filled both bowls and let water drain out. The right side has slight leaking over by dishwashers plumbing.(see pic)
I did the same test again but no leak.I made appointment with reputable plumber.I know when he comes out the leak will be gone again.This is driving me crazy!
Is the gap between granite and sink too wide?We measured it,gap 1/4 inch.We constantly have mildew around the caulking

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