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Rose buds splitting open... Why?

11 months ago

Chios rose was getting ready to bloom but the buds seem to be stuck and are instead splitting open vertlically. I cut off the first one that was like that then noticed two more. I am noticing that even the non-split ones aren't opening and have oddly swollen receptacles, looking like they might split too.
It's a pretty cool display of the rose's inner workings but it's ruining the spring flush.
What could be causing this?
She got a touch of mildew (Chios is unfortunately prone to it) so I sprayed her all over including the buds with a solution of 5g/liter of potassium bicarbonate with a teaspoon of neem oil last week and then again this weekend. The rest of the plant seems to be handling it fine, the foliage isn't burned at all, but could it be the spray ? Or could it be the mildew itself?
We've had some pretty strong winds and rain lately and at first I thought that the blooms were just balling from that, although they've never balled before in far more humid conditions. Does balling cause splitting?
I've also wondered if it could be a parasite of some sort? Totally stumped... Any insight would be appreciated!

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