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Green Kitchen, Living room/Sofa color Problem?

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Hi All,

We've finally nailed down a layout for our kitchen remodel and home addition. The kitchen will be open to the dining room and living room so I want all spaces to be cohesive. I am having the hardest time incorporating the spaces that will not change (Living Room & Full Bath) and the sofa we currently own.

I am in love with the idea of green kitchen cabinets, but we recently bought a Lovesac sofa in glacier cross weave and it def leans blue-ish. I don't want a bold green kitchen and a blue accented living room (right??). Any ideas on how to style the living room to go with the kitchen and dining room while using our brand new expensive sofa? Photos in different lights for reference. Current wall color is BM York Gray.

Adding a pic of the bath across from living room for color reference. Vanity is a deep navy. Wall color is BM Quiet Moments. These are the spaces and furniture that are current and will stay that I'd like to be incorporated into the new design as best as possible.

We are thinking of a wide plank White Oak LVP, but not TOO light.

My husband says we should just do blue cabinets but I am obsessed with the green. Can it work??

Kitchen Inspo - We may do color on lowers and white on uppers on both sides of our stove (layout pic below). If we do white uppers, thinking a hood vent in the lower color with reclaimed/natural wood trim. Also want to do natural wood open shelving on the opposite wall. Love the brass pulls. Could opt for a white farmhouse sink or not.

Living Room

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House Layout

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