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Tips for selling/buying & money transfer & useful websites?

strawchicago z5
6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

We are near retirement and will relocate where my daughter gets a job (she graduates this Dec. 2023 in statistics/computer science). Both daughter and my husband have careers with REMOTE jobs. Our current home is fully paid for, and we hope to relocate to a warmer zone ... we are in zone 5a right now. Our property tax in this Chicago suburb is highest at 2.09%.

The last time I bought my current house was in 2001. Back then I wrote a cashier's check to Centex builder who built my house, we went with 15-year-fixed mortgage and our house is fully paid for. We didn't have to buy title-insurance.

I read about real estate scams and wire-money scams, and I'm nervous as 1st time seller. I read about for a $250K imaginative house, the cost of selling is around $20K (prepping the house, real estate's fees & other fees). What are some tips on selling and buying a house for a beginner like us? Thank you.

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