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Wood Floor Splintering - Repair Help!

2 months ago

Respectfully, please don’t ignore our question to post a radical, expensive change. Seeking prof. insight and advice if possible.

Located in MD, some of the floor is new, other is original. All was refinished and new floor was installed in Aug (it did sit in the house to acclimate almost 3 weeks).

Following our remodel, we did not install a humidifier - we just didn’t understand the need, because our last house had radiant heating. Multiple gaps appeared throughout the flooring (new and old) and when we posted about it, we were told it would go back in the summer (when more humid).

One piece is now starting to splinter, probably because the gap is so large. We’re getting a quality whole home humidifier installed soon, and will need to repair this piece.

How is the repair best done?

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