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Cooktop & wall oven decision time- Wolf or GE Cafe or ???

2 months ago

Doing a full kitchen reno. I've always been enamored with Wolf/Sub Zero but ouch! The house is definitely worthy of Wolf appliances but I've been cooking on an older Jennair downdraft electric range for over 20 years so anything will be a huge upgrade. Ultimately, I would love an induction cooktop or range-top (propane) and a single or double wall oven. I find the french door ovens very appealing. I'm short so that is a factor, too. I originally thought I'd get a 36" range but I feel the oven is a bit low for putting in and taking out heavy pans. Plus, I heard 36" ovens take a long time to heat. So I think the solution is a cooktop/rangetop and wall oven/s.

I'm looking for opinions on the very latest versions of Wolf induction cooktops, rangetops, wall ovens and the Cove dishwasher. Also opinions on the GE Cafe french door ovens. Or, is there another brand of french door ovens one of you might recommend? I'm definitely set on the SubZero fridge. I don't think I would mind mixing brands but wondering if it would stand out. I should mention that the fridge and the dishwasher will be panelled. Thank you all in advance!

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