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Please help: cabinet layout/oven height/pantry options/island size

I am attaching photos of our old kitchen, demolished because of flooding, and a new plan that I am trying to devise. The soffit/bulkhead was torn out, so now the walls go straight up to the (vaulted) ceiling. The west wall runs 154.625" south from the door/opening to the Florida room; south wall is 210.325"; east wall has (30" south wall to door/opening to back hall, 30" for opening, 6" to where tall oven cabinet starts) and then runs 96" north. The entire north end is open to the living/dining area, but had an island with cabinetry dimensions of 24" (N/S) x 60" (E/W) with toe kick originally only on south side and overhang of 12" on W/N/E sides that worked fine for us.

What I liked about the old kitchen:

(1) basic layout with space for rinsing/dicing to right of sink, just enough space for dredging to left of cooktop and for straining/pouring out on the right, and plenty for baking on island;

(2) upper cabinet storage for dishes over dishwasher & silverware in drawer immediately to right; upper cabinet storage for glasses to right of fridge;

(3) bookshelf for cookbooks over the desk area;

(4) corner lower susan for blender, measuring cups, mixing bowls & juicer;

(5) lots of space "in" kitchen so that 3 people could be working at sink/cooktop/oven-island and not be in each other's way;

(6) drawer space on island for tin foil/saran wrap/baggies + baking tools + potholders/placemats;

(7) the height of the wall oven was perfect (unfortunately I don't know how high it was) and the height of the microwave worked for us since we're both tall;

(8) while I didn't use the desk (east wall) as a desk per se, a broken leg & stint in a wheelchair convinced me of the convenience of at least one ADA height surface;

(9) between the end of the kitchen cabinets on the west wall and the door to the Florida room was space to put our dog's bowls--definitely a priority in our house.

What I didn't like was

(1) no good space for spices (I had them in an upper susan in a former kitchen and I liked that);

(2) no vertical storage for cookie sheets/trays;

(3) having to get down on my hands and knees to dig out frying pans and the stand mixer from the lower cabinets;

(4) pantry cabinets to left of fridge were deep shelves that didn't pull out, so things would get lost in the back--I imagine that is easy to solve.

The kitchen is in the middle of the house (dining room to east, Florida room to the west, living room to the north, back hallway to master to south) and has a vaulted ceiling that we couldn't change without rebuilding pretty much the entire house.

I'm attaching my tentative plans. (Note: my measurements on the whole room plan don't exactly match up to the wall plans because I realized after drawing the whole room plan that my old oven was 27" and the new one I had ordered is 30", so the cabinet has to be wider. Also, I don't know what dimension an upper cabinet has to have to accommodate a lazy susan large enough for my spices--in a previous kitchen, it was 24".)

Aside from the measurements and layout of the plan, I am flummoxed by style/color of cabinetry and countertop. I tend to gravitate to contemporary light wood slab doors, Mike likes painted white Shaker, the house style is what I'd call generic brick 80's ranch, and we replaced the former white tiles/carpeting of the kitchen/living area with slate-look porcelain tile. Former cabinets & countertop were a light gray Formica, which although not "in style" we loved. Neither of us likes granite or marble because of the noise it makes. Maybe quartz, but the only one I've liked so far was a honed dark color that looked like soapstone, and I think we need a light colored countertop for our aging eyes.

Thanks for having the patience to read through this and for any advice you have.

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