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Pine to Oak Staircase Upgrade?

Nick Dodson
11 months ago

Out current staircase from our main level down to the basement is unfinished pine and is 26 years old. We’re finishing our basement and parents will be living downstairs, so the stairs will get a good amount of use. Since pine is softer and more prone to damage, we’re considering upgrading these to oak and painting / staining them. The stairs seem to be in pretty good shape and don’t really creak or squeak.

We’ve been quoted $2,500 for a new oak staircase (can‘t just change out the treads, need an entire new unit), which includes staircase, install, and paint/staining. if it was only $1,000-1,500, we would do it.

We’re on the fence since we’re already spending a lot of money on the house and this is just another thing. We have the money to do it, but having troubles justifying $2,500 for a staircase that is a stronger wood v.s. painting and staining the current pine stairs. We know this is an upgrade that wouldn’t add value to our resale down the road.

If we’re going to upgrade the stairs, its now or never and we’ll probably be in this home for 15 years or so. If you were in our shoes, what would you do?

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