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The purge has finally begun

7 days ago

Of all my very old, beautiful, high quality work clothes. As I was rather sadly going through these things I couldn't help but think they don't make 'em like this anymore. Nice as they are they're too old for consignment but I have found a church organization that I think will take them. They sell some of the clothes and also give them away to people in need through various social services connections. Even they say they have to be in style but I think they are classic enough that they'll pass - assuming anyone ever wants to dress up any more. I've tried Dress for Success several times but they only have one day this year when they will take donations and I will be out of town then.

Now I have to get DH to go through his similar stuff. He has an even harder time parting with things than I do. I brought him into our off-season walk-in closet that has many, many pairs of dress pants and dress shirts that haven't been worn in a very, very long time - two brand new pairs of pants with tags still on. After we've been through the clothes I'll start going through other stuff - what's been in boxes since we moved eight years ago - basement at home and attic at our lake place. Ugghh...

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