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Ready to make my backyard beautiful! Where do I start?

Alex M
7 days ago

Hello everyone!
I have a backyard in desperate need of an update/rehaul. Everything about it screams "help!", And I feel paralyzed because I don't know where to start! I know I need to hire professionals to do the things I want, but I'm pretty handy and love to garder, so can do some things myself.
This is what I'd like to see changed:
Replant the four trees (2 apple and 2 cherry) from the middle,
Make the area by the basement doors as a low patio (Engineered wood?) Or ground patio (stone? Concrete?).
Space to the right of the yard (the area that gets the most sun)- create an area for some minimal gardening (tomatoes and easy to grow vegetables ).
Near the fence to the right and the back area: create English-garden looking areas with shrubs, greenery and perennials.
My patio- at some point I would love to turn it into a three seasons room or covered patio, but for no- widen the stairs.
Re-home the hydrangeas by the patio and the basement stairs area and make that whole space a patio (as I mentioned above).
Anyway, where would you start?
Thanks for any advice!

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