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Help me decide what to do with this flowerbed!

Robyn M
7 days ago

I need help deciding what would look good for my front yard. Currently we have a 2 tier flowerbed/retaining wall made of railway ties. The ties are rotting and ant infested, not to mention full of creosote, so I want them gone.

I'm not even sure if this is a true retaining wall or if I even need one. However I still want a flowerbed along the slope. I just don't know if I should keep the same layout, change it up a bit, or what product to use for the retaining walls if any. I don't know what would look good with my house and yard.

Some potential ideas I'm considering:

- replace the ties with some type of brick such as stackstone, roman stack, or rosetta (what type and colour of brick would go with my house??)

- replace them with concrete slabs that look like wood and colour is similar to trim on house (like these

- replace them with a natural stone stacked wall such as limestone (my concern with this is will the open crevices between stones become homes for ants?)

- with any of the above options would you keep the 2 tiers or just 1 wider tier?

- no brick/stone walls at all, just an open flowerbed on a slight slope (maybe with a low stone/brick border?)

- would you keep the front of the bed more or less straight? Or add some wavy curves to it?

Any idea or suggestions would be helpful.

Some details to note:

- we are on a acreage surrounded by bush, so weeds, ants and deer are always an issue

- I'm planning to keep the same types of perennial plants as in the photos, they have all been temporarily relocated to my vegetable garden and are waiting for their new home

- the current walls are 2 railway ties stacked for the top and middle levels, and 1 for the bottom which is more of a border

- for the front of the flowerbed, I would mostly like to see the plants, not so much a wall unless it is very low or as more of a border

- the red garage doors and siding on the house have since been changed to dark brown

Thanks in advance!

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