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Feasability of turning tiny raised porch into a small bathroom?

7 days ago

I have a tiny back porch (stoop really) on the back of my house, and I am considering the feasability of converting this space into a bathroom (for older visitors who struggle with stairs). This porch is pretty useless as is. It has a door leading to the backyard, but there is already a door on the back of the house. The porch is a wooden frame with no solid foundation. It has one support to help hold up the upper balcony. I would like to convert this outside space into a small bathroom. The part in red in the picture, I imagine would need to become a solid foundation (concrete?). The part in blue, I imagine would become the walls and floor, following the profile of the balcony. I've had several contractors take a look, and they either don't want to (or can't) do it, or it's not a large enough project for them. So I am wondering if this is feasible and how much it would cost for the foundaton, construction, plumbing, etc?

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