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Your favorite green Swiss Chard? Fordhook/Lucullus/Large White Rib/Jap

2 months ago

I want to try out some green chard. I am eyeing the above four varieties. Most of all I want something that tastes good. As subjective as that may be, I am asking your opinion as a friend. Then, I am looking for something that grows easily, you know, the usual gardener friendly attributes.

Please comment on your favorite green chard(s).


Last year I grew

Bionda Di Lyon

Verde de Taglio

Perpetual Spinach

all from Baker Creek. I looooved the delicate taste of Bionda. It grew very easily too. Verde grew prolifically, was easy to grow, and was tasty, but not as tasty for me as Bionda. I was taken aback how much the flavor of Perpetual Spinach was that of spinach. I thought the name was a joke. I had never grown chard before so had no frame of reference and each of the ones I grew had a distinct taste and they tasted waaaaay better than any chard I have ever bought at the supermarket.

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