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White cabinets for the person who said no white cabinets

8 days ago

Hello! Embarking on a major home reno with a complete kitchen gut. I always said I did not want to do white cabinets but here I am, now deciding between different shades of white for the cabinets. I didn't want to do white because I was afraid that it will be boring, although I see white cabinets all the time that look great... Anyways, I can't commit to a color and don't want to do something that will go out of style quickly so we're going with a warm wood island and now I'm trying to narrow down what warm white we should go with. Ordered from left to right in the picture, it's between this coastal white color that's custom to our cabinet makers, Benjamin Moore swiss coffee and natural cream. That is the wood that the island will be built in. Granite TBD, we'll pick out the slab to match the cabinets. I need to have a color picked out by Monday. Anyone have any experience with these colors or someone who was hesitant to do white cabinets and landed on a white they liked? Let me be clear, I have warmed up to the idea because it will be classic and I won't have to worry about updating 5 years from now. Thanks for your help!

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