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Thinking of transplanting a large hinoki… should I even bother?

Heruga (7a Northern NJ)
8 days ago
last modified: 8 days ago

6 years ago I planted a hinoki that was originally a ‘Thoweil’ at my dads house but it reverted back to the species form so I decided to cut off all the ‘Thoweil’ part and leave the species foliage on the tip and see how it goes. Today it is 8 ft tall and was debating on transplanting it to my house for privacy. But I think hinokis are notorious for not taking transplants well right? I did transplant a mature ‘nana’ at work few falls ago and it died the next summer despite being able to dig it out with a good rootball. So should I even bother? Does anyone else have success transplanting a larger hinoki?

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