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Quartz or Solid Surface - high sunlight, kid friendly

last year

Hi Houzz! I'm working through picking a countertop material and am thinking either quartz or solid surface. My primary concerns are:

- Stain resistance. I would like to cook and craft with my little girl and its inevitably going to make a mess. I would prefer to enjoy those moments rather than springing from my chair at every drop of tomato sauce.

- Glare/UV kitchen gets a LOT of direct sun (9' wide south-facing window plus south facing skylight), and I get mixed results when researching whether either option will discolor.

I am a lifelong user of trivets and cutting boards, so I do not really care about heat resistance.

I was leaning quartz, but I like the solid white colors and it seems a little absurd to drop 5k on a plain white counter when solid surface might do the job at 2/3 the price. I looked into white granite, but it all looks a bit busy and dated to me. I'm not really concerned with resale value, I will live here for at least the next ten years and probably hold onto the house even after I move out.

Thank you for any advice/opinions!

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