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Should I Shorten This Coffee Table

8 days ago

I am in the process of finishing the living room.

I spent an endless amount of time trying to find a coffee table. What I don't understand is why there are so many interesting options for side tables but coffee tables tend to have more limited options in terms of style.

Finally found this one - right size - right combination of glass as well as not completely disappearing so it has a bit of presence. However I didn't realize it was higher than the normal table - 21" versus approximately 18".

I think it looks weird and my designer has said it can be shortened by the metal work shop she uses and so it would look seamless. It would be shortened from the top so that the distance between the lower and upper would be a bit shorter.

I could also start the search and just get rid of the table

Also should I put the side table between the two barrel chairs under the windows. I bought two of them. It was instant love as i didn't realize they were inspired by a Meret Oppenheim vintage table until I saw Antiques Road Show featuring the table.

Excuse the quality of the pictures as it is hard to photograph with the windows in the picture as it throws off the lighting.

The second picture is shot with the windows behind me so is better indicator of colors.

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