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Growing Mizuna and Chijimisai in pots?

2 months ago

I am growing the above two greens for the first time this season. This is my second season growing any kind of greens at all so I have only a little experience with greens in general.

I want to try a few of the plants in grow bags. How many would I plant per bag?

I have access to bags of these sizes:

3 gallons 9"H x 10"W

5 gallons 10"H x 12"W

7 gallons 12"H x 14"W

10 gallons 12"H x 16"W

I am only going to do cut and come again as long as the plants last. So, one in a 3 gallon bag? Or 2 or 3 in a 7 gallon bag? Or 3 or 4 in a 10 gallon bag? I understand the plants grow very wide but am not sure about their root systems. If I grow them as cut and come again maybe they won't need as much elbow room? Or do the roots need a lot of ground space?

What would be best? What would you suggest?


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