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double wall oven location help!

2 months ago

Hi! Designing a kitchen and I am going back and forth on where to put double wall oven. Prefer this so can have pot drawer under stovetop and higher height for oven.

I can put oven in three places, leaning toward #1 on pantry wall but I worry this is too far from everything else. We have 6 people in the house and around 3 of us at a time can be cooking. Sometimes all kids get involved and it’s nice to have bigger spaces to work with. I imagine island will be primary work/prep zone.

Our designer had rec location #2, but it makes the counter space smaller next to the stove.

Drawing is to scale with 1/4 in = 1 ft, but the location of things is not accurate with inches (imagine everything more centered)

Fridge will be counter Depth - trying to decide between 36’’ or a wider one (just so expensive). I want to do one of those side kick fridge/freezers but so expensive!!

Thought about moving fridge to pantry wall also, but find getting past island to be annoying especially to get things for breakfast.

Thanks for your comments and interested in what others think.

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