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Pistachio Tiramisu! Picture for Arcy

9 days ago
last modified: 7 days ago

And here it is! It’s not in a lovely dish because my kitchen helper (one of the servers at the golf club restaurant) will plate it in the kitchen and serve each person at table. I tried several flavor combinations (mostly alcohol) but stuck with pistachio and vanilla and a hint of lemon. The pistachio spread was combined with lemon zest, marscapone and a bit of lemon juice. The cream was whipped with vanilla only, and the two mixtures combined for the ”custard” component of the dish. I dunked each ladyfinger in half and half flavored with vanilla, and have two layers with the cream mixture on top of each layer. The top is sprinkled with finely chopped nuts, not dust but it’s almost impossible to get dust without ending up with nut butter.

I also made pistachio brittle that is now in shards in an airtight container.

IRL it is more tan and less orange, although it is undeniably orangey. It tastes just like nut brittle but not as good as peanut brittle!

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