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Jordan River top finished

11 months ago

Here is the second top I have finished while in Palm Desert this winter. It's Jordan River from Judy Hopkins' The Big Book of Patchwork. It's 61"x75", and I was really glad to have it finished. Those blocks were very hard to align, because they can vary so much because of the way they are constructed. Mine did, anyway. And all those seams had to be pressed open, which always takes so much longer. Add to that the fact that the light oatmeal-colored fabric was so hard to work with, because the right and wrong sides were barely distinguishable from each other. I had to be so careful. But it's done now. Now I just have to relearn my new long arm machine when I get back home in a couple weeks, so I can get it quited. The border looks wavy, but the blocks pucker when the quilt is laying flat, so I think when tension in applied on the longarm, it will flatten out. I hope so, anyway.

From the amount of snow and cold they had in Minnepolis this year, it will probably be May before the snow is melted and the ice is out on the lake and I can get into the garden. Time to quilt though!!


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