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Cleaning drain pipes at the bottom of gutter downspouts

The downspouts for my gutters all lead to corrugated pipes that are buried underground. From there, I have no idea where they go! I found the outlet for one of them about 80' away, but the others could be literally anywhere.

I had new gutters installed today, and he noted that some of those corrugated pipes were completely clogged. He didn't even suggest cleaning them, just left new pipes on top of the ground :-/

So I guess I'm on my own.

Any suggestions on how to unclog them?

They COULD be up to 300' long. But they could also be a few feet in the ground and just stop. I truly have no idea how to find out.

Wet/dry vac? Pressure washer? Flex auger? Toilet snake? Other? Is there some sort of chemical that would "eat" the crud?

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