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Cambria Everleigh Seams

Theresa Herndon
2 months ago

Just had the new Cambria Everleigh installed. Slabs are gorgeous but the fabricator is telling me because of the design, they can not match the seams. This is the center of my 13’ island. Very first thing you see. I knew there was going to be a seam but they did not prepare me for this. Is it true the new Everleigh pattern can not be matched better than this at the seams? This seems ridiculous. Why would they make a new design that has to have seams like this? They told me it has too much movement and color variation to match. This is a man made material. That is hard to believe. I am going to the fabricator again today. We have 2 other smaller seams that look good. Very frustrated. Sales person told me to “put a fruit bowl on it”🙄. I don’t like fruit bowls. Ha

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