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Suggestions on nails for a fence

I know this is Porch & Decks, but I didn't see a forum for fences and I hope this is close enough to be appropriate :-O

I'm building a fence with boards placed horizontally; not prebuilt panels, just lumber. I have 4x4s being set by a professional right now, and I'll be buying 1x6x8 ground contact pressure treated boards.

My plan is to nail a pressure treated 2x2 to the side of each 4x4, then I can nail the 1x6 to the front of the 2x2 to make it flush with the 4x4.

Here's the 1x6 that I plan to buy:

and the 2x2:

(I can't find a 5' 2x2, so I'll have to manually cut each one of them :-/ )

Something like this mock-up; you can see a vertical yellow stripe next to the dark brown 4x4s and behind the medium brown 1x6s, then a third one down the middle. That yellow represents the 2x2s:

I'm looking at this nailer, which is something I'll probably never use again so it's really just for this job:

I need for the 2x2s to be solid, of course, so I figured a 3" nail? The pressure treated 2x2 will really be 1 1/4", so that's 1 3/4" of nail in the 4x4. Assuming that my air compressor can hit it hard enough, I guess.

Then, the 1x6 is really 3/4", so I figured two 2" nails on each side (6 for each board, connecting the 1x6 to the 2x2s):

I wish that I could find nails that didn't have shiny heads so that they would blend in better, but I don't see anything like that :-(

Thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? As I said, the 4x4s are being installed right now, and I'll be ordering everything this week.

Thanks in advance!

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