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Chipped glazed ceramic tiles

Brandon J
11 months ago

We're in the middle of a bathroom reno and I'm unhappy with some of the tile work. The GC is asking for a milestone payment for completion of tile, but hasn't been out to the site yet to review. I told him I have a bunch of issues. Specifically some fragrantly chipped tiles and some very rough edges of glazed ceramic tile (Daltile). I'm guessing the tile contractor didn't attempt to buff them out smooth.

Also the alcove isn't symmetrical. It looks like they planned on trimming out the tub even on both sides but then changed their mind? It's noticeable when you stand outside the tub. Am I being too picky? I don't think so...

At a glance...

Large chip ~0.5" (he cleaned up the terrible caulk job on the niche)

Tiled alcove not symmetrical even though looked like he prepared to tile out that way????

Bad lipping from subtrate not being square

Lots of chips like these on some of the cut tiles


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