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West Facing Patio & Skylights

13 days ago

Hello! I’m looking for advice about my floor plan (see attached), specifically the covered patio and it’s impact on the living room and kitchen natural light. The patio is directly west facing and the sun here (SE WA) is very hot in the summer, so we want the shade for outdoor entertaining. However, the patio stretches across the entire living room and kitchen. I’m concerned the depth will cause the two main rooms to be dark, despite the amount of glass on the back wall. We’re considering adding two or three skylights in the patio roof. Is this a mistake (again, hot Sun), or is this necessary to make sure the main rooms are well lit? You can see in the floor plan the back wall is the only direct light we’ll receive. There is a dormer above the front door that will bring in some light, mostly in the morning. Any and all advice is welcomed! Thank you.

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