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And another one.

last year

This is a takeoff of Jordan Fabrics latest quilt with some slight changes, and using more of those Kaffe fabrics.

When Donna did the cutting, she did about five different variations, I pretty much stuck to one with a few of a second cut.

Layout is higgledy piggledy as she did but I did try to separate the lighter blocks from the darker ones.

Quilting was a dilemma but I decided to do what I call drunken quilting, just wavy lines across the width. That was easy to do and I think it works with this pattern.

And of course, there are a few boo-boos. I was being very careful with the white on white, making sure the right side was up. But the quilting elves have to work their mischief, and as I was ironing the whole top, I found a couple upside down, and not in the skinny strips but in the wider strips. Ah well, they keep me humble!!!


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