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My doctor changed to a concierge practice.

Ded tired
14 days ago

I got a letter from my pcp announcing that she is joining MDVIP, an annual fee practice emphasizing wellness and prevention.

I really, really like her and she has recommended several specialists who have been very good. I probably see her about five times a year for various reasons.

The annual fee is $2,150. I am not so sure I see her often enough to be worth it. However at my age I will most likely be seeing her more and more. This expense would be on top of what i already pay for supplemental health and prescription coverage. An advantage is that they are available to you any time of day or night . No waiting for weeks to see someone, although she has always seen me quickly in the past.

Many doctors in my area are switching to this sort of arrangement, probably because Medicare pays them almost nothing.

Anyone here have experience with this sort of practice and did you find it worth the expense? I am fortunate to be able to afford it.

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