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Hosta Face and other Things 2022 ..................

Here we are again. March. Many of you are already out in the garden. I know I have been. Loving this retirement garden life. I am getting ready to order my hostas, with the stipulation that they get here now not in the middle of a Florida summer. I have already started to take photos so start early as a new category will be Pips. I am excited for 2023.

Post what you want today. Your face, a joke or a hosta we missed. Cats dogs kids birds. I am never far and I do check in often mainly a reader as growing hostas here is so different. Now that the winter of '22 is in the bag, so to speak, haha, I have to get back out there. This is me at my retirement. The big white door behind me is he shop I work out of for 20 years out of my 36. Do I miss it, No, but I miss fixing things, so I am back working on old sewing machines. Your turn:

Have a great day everyone!

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