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Snow/ice damaged Arborvitae

My Smaragd Arborvitae took a beating last weekend from 10" of wet snow. The previous weekend they handled the ice storm fairly well.
Planted at around 8' four years ago, now around 10'+ and were looking great. Unfortunately they are multi-leadered trees and the leadere split down the middle like petals on a flower. They recovered to some extent, but many of the leaders have been sagging all week.
They are calling for more wet snow tomorrow, so this morning I hastily tied some rope around each one, bunching the leaders together. They are not exactly straight, but I am hoping they will stand a better chance like this. I plan to gently dust off any snow accumulations in the morning.
Does anyone think tying them is the proper solution here? Should I leave them tied for the year so they will straighten back up? I will try to take some pics later.

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