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Have I killed these two arborvitae?

I had these trees delivered in September, but then the guy dropped the tree on my house and I didn't get to plant them as planned :-( I left them outside for the winter except for about 2 weeks where the temperature dropped to single digits at night, at which point I put them in my greenhouse.

Do you all think that they're gone-gone? I don't want to plant them and waste a year if they're unlikely to bounce back.

The first one that looks gone is a "Fluffy". The tag says "Western Arborvitae".

Full size pic:

Close up of the needles:

The tag showing what it's supposed to look like:

This is a "Forever Goldy":

This tag is from a second one, so ignore the green needles in this pic; I just couldn't find the tag on the other one:

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