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Low-med light, 6" pot max, grow vertically, little spred, & slowly...?

Chris G.
3 months ago

Looking for suggestions for the limited space next to kitchen sink. Northeast facing (western oregon), no direct sun, afternoon less light. The spot can only handle 6" pot and needs to grow vertically with minimal spread out. I want slow growers; I am tired of taking new cuttings and starting over, so best if it can be root bound, but I'm willing to replace with new plant every few years if that happens. There is a fantastic view outside that I don't want to hide, so no tall snake plants or thick foliage please.

I understand I am being very restrictive, which is why I am here asking Very Knowledgeable People. I'm okay with caring for plants, both low and medium-high water needs, but (of course?) less need of water tends to be associated with slower growth (did I qualify that enough?).

My problem in looking on the Net is I don't know how the plant will grow over a few years. I found a couple of plant-finder sites, all associated with a store selling said plants, so they might not be giving me a full picture, but the below is what I came up with on my first search.

My looking has come up with these possibilities

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia 'ZZ'

Snake Plant 'Black Gold' (must not grow high)

Baby Rubber Plant (Raindrop Peperomia)

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