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Help me cover this monstrosity!

Amy A
3 months ago

Ok, I know covering an electrical panel is not to code. But we can't afford to move it ($6000)! This is a DIY and we're getting RTA cabinets. The left corner has stairs going down to the basement. Under the window in the corner we're doing 12" deep uppers with butcher block top. Width 24/24/15. We think there is enough room to navigate the corner. Other side of electrical panel is base cabinet 18", sink, DW, 12", stove, peninsula. The window to the right of panel is being shortened for this.
Over the panel, what can be done. Do we do a tall cabinet 12" or 15" depth? Or angle custom base to transition from 24" depth to 12" depth (18" wide for this)? Doing a 24" depth the entire width of the panel world be tight to walk around.
I appreciate any help!

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