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Can I plant in low 30's

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

It's currently 38F at the time of this posting.

I've never planted a non dormant Hydrangea this early and I'm just looking to cross out bucket line to do lists....

I don't expect the nights to dip below freezing anymore.

It may hover over low 30's at night. I can't predict the weather so maybe it might go very LOW 30's..Hopefully not below that. Forecast averages for the next 5 days show to be **predicted 34** low with one night being 31F. Well you know how those weather forecasters ar

I have 2 Macs that have come from a greenhouse and it's fairly been hardened off. Been putting them out during the day, taking them back in at night. 85% of the buds have leafed out There is a small handful of buds pushing out.

Can I cross this off my punchlist and plant them.

Or like all things gardening, be more patient, and just give it 3 more weeks.

LOL. It's work putting them outside and bring them in everyday.

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