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Water Damage Home Insurance Restoration Company GC

Tati Rocha
3 months ago

We had water damage in our kitchen floor due to a dishwasher kitchen. Opened an insurance claim.
Laminate Flooring has to be ripped as there was tons of water under the flooring, floor now needs to be replaced.

Cabinets needed to be removed to check walls for mold- cabinets will need to be replaced.

Insurance approves that we move with our family to an Airbnb and wants a contractor’s estimate with timeline. We got a contractor to write one and he said once repairs start he can submit actual to insurance company and possibly get more money.
The contractor owns a restoration company and has experience with home insurance.

Since the manufacturer no longer makes our flooring we have to replace living room floors as well. Next our contractor requests continuous flooring into the bedrooms too because we live in a single level home, insurance asks them technical questions and approves flooring in all 4 bedrooms as well as kitchen and 2 living rooms.

During demo, contractor was going to put counter on stilts but it ended up breaking (on purpose or not) so he says he will request supplemental for countertops.

Now the problem: this contractor wants me to go to his preferred vendor for countertops, I go there they are all Chinese prefabs and a showroom with counter tops full of seams. I go to a nicer store and get a quote for custom quartz with custom fabrication and installation. Contractor tries to convince me to stay within insurance allowed budget and I say I don’t mind spending money out of pocket. I tell him I decided to go with the better custom Slab vendor and fabrication and ask him to coordinate timelines with them. When they talk on the phone, contractor tells my chosen vendor that his guys will be fabricating and installing. But that’s not what I want, so the Store texts me: “Contractor is under the impression you want to use his subs for fabrication and installation.” 🙄 I want custom slabs and fabrications and installation from my chosen vendor.

Question is: can the contractor force me to use his subs for fabrication and nor the fabricator of my choice? I still need GC to do all the other stuff (flooring, cabinets, baseboards, install new appliances purchase, paint walls) but I don’t want them to do the fabrication of the countertop and full quartz black (I checked pictures of their work online on quartz installation and did not like what I saw, mismatched patterns, seams etc).
I still need the GC to submit a supplemental to our insurance bc he broke our countertop.

Any advice?

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