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Growing Clematis in Grow Bags

last year

I have enjoyed growing Clematis for a few decades now, with a couple of moves to news homes in which they came with me. My husband and I may be moving within the year and my plan is to dig my Clematis now as they are not quite leafed out yet; about 28 of them.

For my clematis, I plan to place in grow bags and place down about 2/3rds back into original hole they came out of. Do any of you grow you clematis in Grow Bags or Containers?....I am writing about the lengthy ones, 8, 10, 15' high. I will keep the trellis up for it to grow back up on.

I feel growing in the Grow Bags, transplant will not be that harsh nor know the time of year this may happen. My experience with Grow Bags has always been positive.

Plan to get larger grow bags for small shrubs and small trees that all are newly planted. Will post this on the Shrub and Tree Forums as well. All advice is appreciated

Thank you,

Patty in Central North Carolina, zone 7b

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