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F.O.T.E.S.S .March Fun- St. Patrick’s Day Green Hooray!

12 months ago

F.O.T.E.S.S .March Fun- St. Patrick’s Day Green Hooray!

Let’s start this month off with something I haven’t seen or done for quite some time.:Limericks.

Here’s one I enjoyed today:

There once was a man from Nantucket,

Who kept all his cash in a bucket.

But his daughter named Nan

Ran away with a man.

And as for the bucket, Nantucket.

What can you come up with? Please post so we all can enjoy!

Take a minute to sign up for a Round Robin we’re going to send throughout this month. Sign ups will go until March 10th. I’ll need an email ( noting your name, address, and planting zone. Then I’ll post a list of the sequence the package will be routed to. Let’s set the amount of seeds at an average of 15 to keep the weight down.

If you’d like to add extra seeds, feel free, just keep the package moving so we can get it to everyone in a timely manner. I may tuck my name in twice to ensure the seed choices are still varied, depending upon how many sign up.

Please be sure you keep the seeds harvesting to within 2 years from now. No less than 15 large seeds or ¼ teaspoon of smaller ones per pack, such as poppy seeds. Mark a note inside plastic baggies, or on the outside of paper seed packs with your name/Houzz (Gardenweb) name so we know who sent what.

Once you’ve established a package for the exchange, post your delivery confirmation on this link so the next person in line can watch for its arrival.

On March 11th, I’ll post a list of words for Bingo, and will await sign ups until the 15th. Once that’s set, and everyone has sent me their list of words they’ve chosen for their Bingo card, I’ll start posting words regularly.

I’m going to quote sandlapper_rose and add this comment: “There will be two games this month that will relate to our theme and a chance for an extra prize. All members of F.O.T.E.S.S. are welcome to join in on the games even if you can't swap this month. Just join in when the games are posted. As always we are happy when you post any gardening information or pictures or things you would like to share with others in the group.“

We’ll see how things go after that to change things up and keep things rolling.

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