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Help me with ideas to use a LOT of 4"-6" river rocks in my yard

6 months ago

My back yard (Delaware, USA Zone 7a) has a tall trees, and the previous owner dumped a LOT of river stone under the trees. I want to get the stone away from the roots, as I believe it's harmful to the roots, and I want to be able to plant other things. My eventual plan is to make it more "woodland-like". I have mostly tulip poplars, I'll be adding dogwoods and some shrubs this year, and eventually some ferns and perennial flowers.

I could pay my lawn guy a small fortune for them to remove and dump the rocks, but I'd rather avoid that. Last year, I posted on freecycle for people to take the rocks, and about 1/3 of the rocks were taken. Before I post again, I'm wondering what I could possibly use the rocks for.

I also have a concrete pad that's large enough to use for a small seating area - I don't know its original purpose.

Here are some ideas. Let me have your thoughts on these and any other ideas you might have:

  • Pile them up around the concrete pad, use them to create a rock garden with a sitting area.
  • Make a "rain garden", but I don't know how to get started with that.
  • Make a ring around each tree, but not covering the roots.
  • Use them to mark new plants so they don't get mowed down before they take hold

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