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What can I do with this weird 2 ft cantilever

Andrew Sauter
3 months ago

old single story home, there is soil under this two foot section of cantilever. this room was added I believe in 1960 and it has a flat roof, rest of the house is hipped. my structural engineer said it is framed sufficiently to carry the weight. i have stuffed mineral wool insulation between the joists but it is not sealed air tight.

-reinforce it: add some columns in the corner (unecessary)

-eliminate it: add footer and extend foundation (expensive)

-hide it: improvise some temperory barrier, bricks or stones, what previous owners had done

-highlight it: put some led strips for night illumination add a some 'trim' PT wood or metal along the edge of the stucco for appearance


at a minimum I need to try and air seal it at a minimum, plywood > house wrap > some other wood.

bonus: i wanted to explore putting planters on the flat roof for appearance, in the cantilvered area, and a micro roof deck where it is not cantilevered, but havent a stair planw

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