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Need design advice for bathroom remodel

last year

Remodeling this bathroom. Large jetted tub, steps in front of it, and "platform" circled in red in photo will be demolished. New walk-in shower will be installed where tub is now. New shower will have linear/ transom window installed at top on far, exterior wall. Window shown in photo will be removed and replaced with drywall. Question is what to do with "empty" space (in red circle). Contractor says I need something there. He suggested a makeup vanity, but I rarely use makeup and when I do, I wouldn't sit down to apply it. He then suggested custom open shelves on which I can put towels, storage baskets, and other decor, but I am not keen on that idea either. Items on open shelves collect dust. I don't need any more storage space since I'll have two separate linen closets in the bathroom when it's finished. I thought of a small tree. Any ideas to fill that "empty" space, which will be approx. 3.5 ft. wide?

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