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Exterior door hardware - okay to use "interior" knobs?

7 months ago

Not exactly "windows," but I figured this is close enough. I am having two single French doors in a similar style to the photo installed in my living room. For hardware, I want just a very simple knob or lever in an unlacquered brass finish - no "handleset" or "entry set." It's an antique house and I'm going for an ultra classic look like that shown in the second photo. I'll have either a deadbolt or an 18-24" surface bolt installed too. (I'm not worried about security.)

Problem is most knobs from Baldwin, Emtek, Rejuvenation, etc. that meet these criteria seem to be indicated for use on interior doors. Assuming it's solid brass and therefore finish being exposed to the elements is not going to be a problem, is there an issue using these on an exterior door? I'd been thinking the classification may be more of a style issue since people seem to like the big chunky handlesets for exterior doors or perhaps tend to go with manufacturer hardware since many exterior doors now have three-point locks and thus limited hardware options.

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