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Help: Pruned succulent stem rotting

3 months ago

I've had a succulent plant for years. I think it might be a type of jade but with really long cylindrical leaves. For the last 6-7 years I've been pruning it to look like a little tree (24 inch long straight stem with a big bushy ball of leaves at the top). But it was getting too top heavy for the 1.5 inch thick stem so I decided to cut the top off and repot it. The repotted top is doing great, but I really wanted the stem to send out new shoots and keep growing in some way. It did send out new shoots just below where I cut it but then it also started to rot from where I cut it. After a few weeks I cut it again below the rot but it eventually rotted again. I tried cutting it below the rot again and putting a turmeric paste over the wound to help it heal but that didn't help- it's still rotting. There's a little bit of growth at the very bottom of the stem (a few inches above the soil) so I know it still has life in it, I'm just worried it's going to rot all the way down to the base. Anyway to get a new cut to scar over so the new growth can keep growing?

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