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Sick jade plants: please help!

3 months ago

I hope you can help me same my two outdoor jade plants that have started getting sick over the past few months.
They are placed next to each other in two terrazzo outdoor pots on a balcony and get morning light all year round and some afternoon light in summer. Pots were filled with some porous red rocks at the bottom, succulent pot mix & extra sand all mixed together to allow more drainage, then topped up with white pebbles.
I never water them in winter as they are exposed to the weather, always water them every couple of weeks during summer and fertilised them with slow release fertiliser in spring.
I noticed brown/dark spots growing in the leaves a few months ago but didn't think much of it. Now the spots amount has increased, with some brown spots really big. One of the plants has its leaves now getting slimmer as if they don't have enough water, however going yellow too as if they had too enough. New growth is still spotless but don't think will last long.
It may be worth mentioning that I have also found both plants have been raided by a ringtail possum which I have occasionally caught red handed on my balcony at night.
Is this edema or could it be a fungal infection caused by the possum or other parasites? Photos of both plants affected (next to each other) attached.
Thanks in advance to whoever can assist.

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