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Doug fir refinished feedback request

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We found Doug fir under carpet that we asked to have refinished. Wood by the bay window needed to be replaced. We vacated the house to facilitate not walking on the floors during the job. Unfortunately, the flooring contractor did not contact us to ask if we wanted to stick with clear vs use a stain - given the unexpected replacement. This is what the floor looks like now, am I mistaken for expecting it to blend a little better or to have at least been asked about staining before it was completed? Photo below apologies wasn't able to add here. When I asked if a stain would have helped first he said not really then that Doug fir gets blotchy when stained... Not sure if that's the truth vs trying to mask an oopsContractor wants to ask for more money than the estimate after the job is done, no prior request or discussion was had. I think it's reasonable if he fixes the floor mismatch but it seems weird to pay more than estimated AND have such funky mismatched flooring?

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