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Cat dilemma- access to litterbox

Jennifer Rosen
12 months ago

My daughter would like our new cat to sleep in her room when we move. We prefer to not have a litterbox in her room (noise, smell, mess etc). How do we handle access to a litterbox outside her room if she sleeps with the door closed. Must cats have access to litter boxes overnight? We are considering making a cut out in her door or wall so the cat can get out of her room. We would want one that is covered (eg flap or two way door) for my daughter’s privacy. Does anyone know of a cat flap/door (if we made a cut out in the door or wall that is covered and all white (including the flap/door) so it wouldn’t be so noticeable from the hallway? I’ve looked at many online and they all seem like they would stand out a lot. Other thoughts appreciated. Thanks!

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